Download of Romans Available

When studying the Bible for yourself, there can be great value in using a plain Bible with no notes or paragraph headings. Instead of a publisher telling you what the Bible is about to say, you can discover things on your own. Currently our three adult classes are studying Romans in Sunday School. I have […]

Child Abuse Article

As a follow-up to a recent Sunday School lesson about anger, I recommend that folks read “A Candle in the Darkness” (click here), the story of missionary kids who were abused at their boarding school. Children do need spanking (some more than others!), but even loving Christian parents need guidance on where to draw the […]


Join us this winter as we gather at the week’s midpoint for encouragement, instruction, and opportunities to minister. Family Night Supper will be served from 5:45 to 6:15. Seniors $4; children $3; under four years old, free; all others $5. The maximum for a family is $15. Master Clubs for all children from three years […]